Dear Friend:

Thank you for your generous contribution last year to the Jim Vandewater and Nick Costa Memorial Fund. The Fund awarded two scholarships to graduating Steinert High School Seniors who best emulated Nick's passion for the game of hockey and Jim's desire to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

The Fund took on a new name this year as it is Nick and Jim's parents' desire to not be limited to scholarship donations only. Anyone, who in their opinion is in need of financial assistance to better their lives and help them achieve their goals, is eligible.

The Foundation is also looking into other charitable events to sponsor, and will keep you posted as these plans become a reality.

We are once again asking you for your donation so that this foundation may keep the memories and generous spirits of Nick and Jim alive by continuing to provide financial assistance to others. This foundation will continue to be a living tribute to these two special young men who continue to be loved and missed by all who knew them.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Please forward your donation to the following return address

Mike & MaryAnn Babice
7 Margo Place
Groveville, NJ 08620

Your friends,

Mike and Maryann Babice
Scholarship Committee